Harvest International Ministries

Oxnard, Ventura County, California

We are an affiliate of Harvest International Ministry, an Apostolic Center for Oxnard & Ventura County.

About Harvest International Ministry

Ten years after Ché and Sue Ahn left Maryland to come to Los Angeles and steward the coming revival Ché was told of a vision, Harvest Rock Church was experiencing a powerful move of the Spirit. People were getting radically healed, saved and encountered by the glory of God. Heavenly visitations and visions became a regular occurrence at the nightly protracted meetings that lasted for 18 months. This was revival.

After previously being a part of a worldwide Christian movement, the Lord spoke to Ché through a word from respected prophet and author, Cindy Jacobs, that he was to “father” a new movement – a “network of networks”, meant to train and raise up others. Ché would have spiritual children in every continent who would reach the world. Rooted in a value for spiritual covering, accountability, relationship and community centered and built on Him – the person of Jesus Christ – Harvest International Ministry (HIM) was birthed in 1996.

The reformation of the 21st century church is an apostolic movement, which is getting the biblical structure aligned for a billion soul harvest. Necessary to this reformation is recognizing apostolic centers and strengthening these centers to get them raised up and ready for the greatest revival the world has seen. HIM is a place not only to network with other ministries but also create meaningful relationships, attend conferences, and receive impartation from other apostolic leaders. HIM is a network of networks — a network of apostolic centers. Through apostolic alignment and being a part of an empowering network we will be able to advance the kingdom in mighty ways!

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