Treasured Harvest

Simply Jesus – Reaching the unreached among us!

This ministry brings church to the Migrant Farm Workers and their children within our county many of whom have never heard the Gospel! We use the small community rooms in their mobile home parks where they live and/or bring tents and set up Church if there are no facilities. We bring Embrace! Simply Jesus to them and teach about the love of Jesus to the parents and at-risk children.

We are now conducting church services at multiple locations 4 days a week and launched a Seminary to train up those previously homeless and others that may now be called to full time Ministry. Our hope is that many will soon become our HIM Campus Pastors.

The results of our efforts have been significant. As we’ve been serving this group of people, we are developing relationships with them and a deeper level of trust is growing. Our weekly consistency of preaching the gospel, caring and demonstrating Jesus love through our food distribution, supplies and prayer has opened up many opportunities to help them grow closer to God.

We see people desiring more of Jesus in their lives which gives them hope above their circumstances.

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Our Mobile Church Locations

Embrace HIM
Pleasant Valley



250 E. Pleasant Valley Rd, Oxnard CA 93033

Embrace HIM



3705 Dufau Rd, Oxnard CA 93033

Embrace HIM



5573 Cypress Rd, Oxnard CA 93033

Embrace HIM



1301 Commercial Ave, Oxnard CA 93030

Our Vision is to dedicate our lives to building this church, including launching 300 Embrace HIM Churches nationwide to reach these unreached people groups!

This harvest field is ready, come join us!

We believe God will use this work to kindle the fire of revival in this Country!

If you have a heart for the migrant community please contact us via the form below. There is always a need for children and teen workers, as well as those who can translate and are willing to work in our Bible Study Groups, and those who simply desire to support Embrace! HIM by providing set up and tear down of our mobile church facilities.

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