Revive Academies seeks to reimagine the way that parents provide education for their children and meet the growing demand of restoring literacy, parental rights and family values. It is a place for children to learn without the pressures of current social agendas being pushed in public schools. We make homeschool accessible for full-time working parents by providing certified tutors who lead academic classes, giving students the finest, most protected form of education. Parents in education are what we empower!

Our Story:

Once upon a time Pastor Samuel Gallucci and Homeschool guru, Christi King met to discuss an idea: one that would support and encourage parents to lead their own children in education, preserve their family’s values and provide an economical way to give options to public school. Pastor Sam had experienced the depravity of the California educational systems through his governor run in 2021 and was determined to find a way to RESCUE children from a demoralizing, seemingly desperate school system in which parents felt trapped with no options. Christi King, thirty years in and still homeschooling her fifth highschooler and leading classes for over 20 years with other homeschool kids, also had a passion to help parents KNOW that they CAN do this- that parents can facilitate and lead their own kids’ education – all the way through high school! A BIG vision and lifetime of homeschool teaching experience combined to dream and develop Revive Academies!