Embrace! Children’s Ministry

Embrace Children’s Ministries partners with parents to see every child thrive in their God-given purpose.

Sunday Children’s Program

“School of Purpose” (ages 3 years to 12 years)

Yes, it’s church! And yes, we are committed to teaching and equipping a generation of children to be biblically literate and sensitive to the Spirit.

About “School of Purpose” Children’s Program

Every Sunday the children grab their binders and eagerly wait to learn together. Each child knows that their main objective when we meet is:

To learn, live, and love My Story

in God’s Story, by following Jesus’ Story.


This three-part program helps children learn the following:

God’s Story: Let’s face it: The Bible is confusing! We calm the overwhelm by bringing a simple framework to the 66 books of the Bible for instant comprehension. 

Jesus’ Story: We cannot become like Jesus if we don’t know who Jesus is. therefore, we take following Jesus seriously! We accomplish this by following the 250 events of the life of Jesus in chronological order. 

My Story: Rick Warren authored “The Purpose Driven Life” and sold over 12 million copies. Why? Because adults wanted to know why they were here on this earth. But why until a child grows up to find your purpose?! 

We have a strategic plan for these kids to enter adolescent years having a solid foundation to their core beliefs AND obedience to the Spirit. 

We do this by teaching Biblical core beliefs and life application skills.

The program runs in a unique “one room schoolhouse” approach.

The children and teachers meet together as a large group for “Family Time.” Once “Family Time” is done, we group the children into age appropriate classes. Each class rotates to visit the three subject areas every week.  The areas include a lesson, activity, game, and, of course, laughter.  We close our program by coming back together as a large group and experiencing “Kingdom Time.”   

We laugh, love, play and enjoy God’s Presence every Sunday! 

Embrace Church believes strongly with you that your child is here on purpose, for a purpose. While you are in the main church service, experiencing and hearing from God, you can rest with peace of mind and heart knowing that your child is safe, loved, and equipped to love God, His Word, and relationships with friends.  

Sunday Schedule


Check in begins 10:15 am. 

For any questions, please email Jamye@EmbraceJesus.org.