The Meaning of Embrace!

The Meaning of Embrace!

Embrace is more than a name of a church, Embrace is more than a concept, it is an experience!

It’s the center of everything about God –  he made us to experience him!

Body, Soul and Spirit in complete union with God!

With all our minds and all our hearts, with all our body and spirit hungering and thirsting to experience God Embracing us as we Embrace him.

Where do we find out how to Embrace God?  The answer is – Simply Jesus!

The end game of faith, the definition and meaning of life, perfect theology comes from Simply Jesus!

All that is worth knowing is found when we Embrace Simply Jesus!

Nothing in our faith is more important, then to Experience him, because true intimacy requires experience!

It’s all about union with God!

This is why Jesus came to us and then went to cross for us.

John 17:24, He wanted us to be with him and see His Glory.

To Embrace Simply Jesus is to understand what this walk of faith is all about. Jesus gave us The way to become born again. Born of the Spirit so that we, God’s created ones in his image, can once again experience an unhindered relationship with our Heavenly Father.

To Embrace God Spirit to Spirit so deeply that we experience on Earth as it is in heaven.

In Christ we have access to an unhindered relationship between heaven and earth, where there is no separation between the natural and spiritual realms!

What must we do: Experience the Embrace of Simply Jesus!

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