Stewards of Grace

Stewards of Grace

Paul’s letter in Ephesians tell of his personal revelations about the mysteries of Christ that were hidden to people in ages past. Now we too can understand the spiritual secrets of God’s wisdom. But he wrote these letters from a prison cell!
What if he did not stay obedient to the task God had for him? What if he gave into self-pity and became consumed by his circumstances?

Aren’t you glad Paul didn’t say- “Woe is me! This isn’t fair. I don’t deserve this… What is my purpose here??”

No, instead he said, “If I am here, I am called to write.” Because he stewarded grace he did not lose perspective. Likewise, when we take care of the power and favor (God’s property) that allows us to evangelize and minister to others, despite our circumstances, we are fulfilling our destiny! We are called to steward grace (3:2) and will benefit in our circumstances from doing such.
Let us be obedient to taking action on the task at hand–that God has given us to do–what He is showing us to do–good works that He prepared before hand that we might walk in them… and us be good stewards of God’s grace. Amen.

Ephesians 3:1-13 AMP

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