Does the Holy Spirit Speak Into Lives of Christians today?

Does the Holy Spirit Speak Into Lives of Christians today?

Spent a few moments with a wonderful local pastor this afternoon. His heart is for the migrant workers in our community and the poor as is mine. It was great.

We ran into a mild moment of discord when he attempted to “assure me” using his education and years of study “in the word” to tell me we as Christians do not need to worry about God speaking into our individual lives and that he doubted there are local words spoken by Holy Spirit into people’s lives.


I smiled and sort of puppy dog tilted my head as I queried this sort of arms length relationship with God he was describing as either loving or intimate. Then I simply asked him about his life and how he got to ministry. He spoke about his circuitous journey through jobs and education and places lived and then, one day, finding himself as a pastor.


“Pastor? It seems to me you could’ve used some guidance and perhaps some of or all of what you did brought you to this point.”

Him: “Oh yes! I surely felt His guidance.”

Then he stopped, and got red-faced and said, “I see what you did there.”

Guys, it seems to me as one who has heard God’s voice (and obeyed and also not obeyed) being willing to do what you are not qualified to do is sometimes what qualifies you. Regardless, if you do not hear His voice or receive leadership from Him, reading about Jonah in a large fish isn’t going to give you much comfort and even less direction…just saying…

Fish food for thought ~ Pastor John

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