Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to awaken identity, cultivate vision, and release gifts to become a generation of fearless lovers of Jesus Christ who embrace the world with His love.

Our Vision:
Impact Culture

Our vision is to see Ventura County saved, California influenced and our nation healed by impacting the culture with the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our Core Values

Submission to God and His Word

Our standard is the high-water mark of the Word, not our experience
We value authenticity in the pursuit of the encounter
We are willing to stop everything when we encounter Him
God dictates our culture not man

Intimacy with God

We acknowledge the Holy Spirit; we recognize His presence
We value real relationships with God
We are hungry for and pursue His presence

Supernatural Excellence

We value truth enough to not compromise it for acceptance
We value the importance of corporate worship in all forms
We take God risks

Impacting Culture

All aspects of society are sacred and in need of God’s redemption and discipleship
Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Arts/Entertainment, Business: All reflect the culture of the Kingdom
We believe the Holy Spirit can and will use each one of us to change culture through one or more of these areas.

Love in Action

Vulnerability and individuality honored
We commit to an offense-free zone. We have freedom to disagree without offense or judgment
Love is more than a feeling, love looks like something. We give of our time and resources to the “least of these.”

Nothing is Impossible

Everything Jesus did we can do and greater works
Nothing is impossible when God is at the center

Culture of Empowerment and Honor

We love people in process
We are not afraid of the messes of life
There is safety in your season of life and struggles –you are encouraged to share so that we can share with you (Romans 12:15)