Jamye Sack

Chilrdren’s Ministry Director – Jamye Sack

Jamye Sack has resided in Southern California for the last 38 years. She and her husband, Robert Sack, have been married since 2005. Together they have three beautiful children. Emma, 10, Shyloh, 7, and Benjamin 4.

Jamye has her Master’s Degree in Education and multiple subject teaching credential.  She has experience teaching public school, directing a children’s ministry program, and speaking for women’s conference and gatherings in various locations of the country. Her passion is to bring heaven to earth.

Jamye was raised as a Pastor’s kid in a family of 7, she loved God but didn’t know the depths of His goodness. In 2007, Jamye encountered the Holy Spirit. She was called into a life of ministry in 2008 after reading Isaiah 61 on the couch in her living room.

Since then, Jamye has seen multiple lives come to the Lord, and has experienced the blessing and favor of God on various levels. Life hasn’t been perfect. Through heart breaks of a miscarriage and battling with skin cancer, Jamye continues to stand strong that God is good, and His promises are “yes and amen in Christ Jesus.”

Jamye is the creator of the “School of Purpose” curriculum and is getting ready to equip churches and schools with this solid spiritual foundation to Truth. She believes that Embrace Church will be the equipping center to see Kingdom-minded believers come into this prophetic community and experience the great harvest!

For more about becoming an intern, volunteering, or registering your child into the program, please email Jamye Sack at Jamye@EmbraceJesus.org.