2017 – The Year of Victory!

2017 – The Year of Victory!

A prophetic word for 2017.

This is a word that will define this year for us at Embrace specifically, and His church everywhere! I want to encourage you to write down what the Lord will speak to you as I share this.

PRAY – Father, quicken our hearts and impart into our minds Your words, in Jesus’ name, amen.

The word is Victory!

Now we know we always have victory in Jesus, many songs have been written about His victory; however there is something very special about this year that God has declared He will do in Victory in 2017.

This is a word for the Church in America starting with what God is calling us to do in our city, county and then country! The word for this year is Victory! – This is to be the Year of Victory! God is saying that He will raise up His church back to its roots of victory in this country. God has pushed the reset button in America! This means a new hunger is occurring. There will be a great resurgence of knowledge and understanding of the Christian world view in our country, and of the book of Acts in our churches and in all of its New Testament practices!

Many new prophets are being raise up to whom God will give a new word and a new way of expressing His word over every kind of sin and that will penetrate the hardness of hearts in many. God will give His people a new way to express His word that will soften hard hearts, still the waters of confusion about Christ, and bring the hearts of many back to His heart!

God will give His people a fresh anointing of His tongues of fire. He is calling us to use our voices this year in bold new ways!

This is the year of Victory! His church is to occupy new territory and establish the new things He has given us to do and be; in His love!

His love expresses His victory over all evil.

The Lord is saying to close your eyes and see what I see. Your eyes will see more spiritually this year then ever before. My signs and wonders I will bring onto the earth! When you pray look unto the one who rescued you, Jesus, and see in heaven the victory I am establishing on the earth! I, the Lord, am speaking.  I see victory where ever I look, and it is this victory that I want you to see. I see the blind regaining their sight, the deaf speaking, the sick healed, the dead raised.

I want you to know that this year is the Year of Victory!

Which means you are to see what I see before you act! For in everything you do I have already defeated the enemy; already cleared the path before you. I have already given you the answer. I have already made the paths straight. I have already broken down the barriers in front of you and all you need to do is to see. Look at Me and get out of the boat, and walk towards Me!

Remember, there is no fear in love, My perfect love casts out all fear; so do what I have called you to do, go where I have called you to go, be who I have called you to be. For it has already been established and is waiting for you!

Let victory right now overcome fear!

By faith walk in victory and then you will be able to do what I have already done. In all your plans I have given you, in all your prayers you have prayed to me, I the Lord, am saying that I have given you my answers, I have cleared the path, I have silenced the enemy, I have overcome your fears, I have removed all the obstacles, I have given you the energy, I have overcome the barriers,  I have restored the relationships, I have healed the hearts. I have done all these things and much more! So draw nearer to Me then you ever have, and walk by faith into the victory I have for you!

Look, victory is to be your sight!

My word victory has been written on your forehead, My word victory is ready to be written on your hearts. My word victory has been given as an instruction to My mighty army in heaven.

The Lord of heaven’s armies has said victory!

Victory is my word, victory is my command, victory is My presence rushing in and on everything you are and everything I have called you to do!  Victory is My appointed plan, My guaranteed destiny for My church, and it is for you my loved one! I have defeated the enemy, he is on the retreat, I have heard the battle prayers of my people and my armies have been victorious!  So walk in the victory I have paid for and you have prayed for! I have answered the prayers of My people!

Because of victory renewed beginning are being released. Where ever there has been darkness or a void, God is saying I have brought My victory.

Because of victory we are to embrace change.

Fully let go of the past ways – God is revealing new ways, He has given us new strategies, He will surprise us in how He will accomplish all He will do! Because of victory we will move with more favor this year, more faith, more boldness. We will have more unique opportunities put before us.  Embrace them and see them as the spoils of victory!  We will see new doors open up, and new offices being established; there will be new places His people will occupy; key positions of authority!  New doors will open before you, so walk past your fears and get to that grace place where you don’t have to worry about your abilities, or lack of them, or your past!

Because of victory the pressures in the spirit many have experienced are over. Command the pressures to decrease, declare that you are emerging victorious, strengthened, purified, blessed, and healed of past wounds!

Because of victory we will see His preachers and teachers declaring God’s word with a new boldness and giving a powerful witness of the supernatural realities of Jesus and His Kingdom!

Because of victory crowds will gather and listen intently because of the miracles that are being performed. 

Because of victory all hindrances, blocks and delays are removed. God is with us, Emmanuel is the name of victory,  His will is active in us, and He will finish bringing us into all that He has promised. So walk in this reality by faith every day!

Because of victory the fire of His love will burn up every selfish, arrogant, carnal and/or wicked thing in us! We will know and make known His love in greater and deeper ways.

Because of victory we are to have NOW faith. Now faith is called victory faith!

Now faith means now identity and destiny.

We are to walk now by faith, it is defined by victory – by what I have given you, says the Lord, to reclaim and take back all the enemy has taken from you, your family, your city, your country!

Victory faith must now become our faith. Not the faith we had yesterday, not a faith of tomorrow, but Now! Victory Faith! So grab hold of Victory Faith Church! Grab hold of God’s promises and provision to be holy as He is holy, Church.

Because of victory a new wave of holiness has come – built on a fresh revelation of the Father’s heart (1 John 4:19) because He first loved us and (1 Peter 1:14-16) an invitation to be holy is a new seed of impartation to be received; so receive it!

Don’t look back – press on forward into the all that God has for you in this Year of Victory, do not miss it. Embrace it! Embrace it Church!

Embrace this Year of Victory and let us celebrate the Victory we have been given in Jesus in 2017!


I want us to let Father God write his sons word Victory on our heart!

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