Prophetic Artist Lyn Lasneski | Saturday July 7th

Prophetic Artist Lyn Lasneski | Saturday July 7th

Lyn Lasneski will be giving a class on prophetic art on July 7th from 12pm-4pm at our offices located at

301 N. A Street, Oxnard CA

Lyn creates stunning paintings as she worships the Lord. She trains others to do the same with a heart for passion, excellence and beauty.  She believes everyone can learn these skills, including YOU.

Here is an outline of what Lyn will be teaching us:

  1. How I hear God on what to paint (it will likely surprise you). Everyone and anyone can learn to draw and paint; it’s much SIMPLER than learning how to read and write. I’ve been teaching people all over the world how for two decades. I will teach how in about 5 minutes. But first…. I will also teach on:
  2. The difference between Experiential Art, Worship Art, and Prophetic Art. That said, ALL ART is prophetic and revelational. The visual arts have historically released the radical innovations and new concepts that changed a culture and even civilizations. Prophetic art is the pre-verbal stage of new concepts, new ideas, new innovations. As such, it is ESSENTIAL that EVERYONE should learn how to draw and paint, and I will explain why.
  3. The FIVE FUNDAMENTALS of Visual Art: these apply whether you want to learn or improve at prophetic painting, personal painting, gallery painting, or even scientific research and more. God is calling the church to excellence and this is the simple way to excellence.
  4. ART IS the very LANGUAGE of GENIUS: The ancient, deeply secret, hidden-in-plain-sight language of genius is hidden in the artists. And we are all called to be artists and release our genius gift, no matter what part of society/culture we serve. 5. We will activate and practice (both draw and paint) in the room. And lastly if we have time, we will talk about the Power of the Imagination. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge….” We will talk about how God wants to use our imaginations to change our individual lives and the world… if we will let Him.


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