God has given us a big vision to begin a church planting movement up and down the state of California to reach the migrant workers using a new form of Crusades that help us plant 300 churches in the fields from Oxnard to Monterey.

By partnering with several other churches, we were able to help fund the work.

A Festival Designed to Show God’s Lavish Love on a Forgotten People.

At the festival we showed our appreciation for the hard work of picking the crops we all consume by giving them an afternoon of fun, food and many household items they can really use. Then we preached the Gospel and shared with them how God has given them eternal life free!

After 2 hours of Festival, we called everyone together and began with a Gospel dramatic reenactment of Jesus on the cross done as a presentation for the children. It was amazing to see the children respond to Jesus’ love and acceptance of each of them.

Then we presented the Gospel to the parents, sharing that our God has not forgotten them, loves them and accepts them just as they are, can forgive them and receive them if they receive Him in their hearts. What happened next was beyond our expectations! As parents came forward, all the children rushed forward again with their parents! It was a very emotional moment for us all as many families got saved.

We saw over 100 children come forward to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Over 500 migrants attended and 240 were saved!

We had 150 volunteers from 12 churches and over 800 total in attendance.

We saw many miracle healings as we prayed for people throughout the day. God showed up in many ways. We had a prayer tent and many came to be prayed for, to be delivered from witch craft and many other things. We saw God touch ankles, knees, hips, and backs! God is so good!